Jan 26, 2013

When life gives you ice, make some hot chocolate. And a fort.

Since the entire world turned into an ice rink yesterday, when I say "entire world" I mean my world which currently revolves around BYU campus and the streets of Provo, I decided to take the day off and have a little fun. I dutifully went to my 8 o'clock class, but when 9:30 class came around, was I in my seat ready to learn and be attentive? Nope :) I reeeeeeeally don't love that class. It's boring, and the professor puts way to many words on his slides. So I didn't go. I put my life in danger and made the trek to my car. HA. I only fell 3 times, and made it out with my life in tact. On the down side, my right hip took quite a beating, so I am accepting donations for a hip replacement.

Safe at #14 I grabbed all my dirty laundry, plus any food/entertainment supplies I could possibly need for the day, and headed up to the condo. I made a quick pit stop at the grocery store with the intention of grabbing bread and hot chocolate to go with the PB&J, Cocomotion machine, and Law and Order mug I had packed. Shout out to Lou for getting the mug for me in NYC! She knows me too well...hot chocolate and crime shows are my thing. I ended up leaving with a loaf of bread (check), 2 boxes of hot chocolate mix (double check?), a string cheese, a bottle of strawberry milk, a bag of crunchy Cheetos...Lou introduced me to them last semester. I don't know if I should love her or hate her for it. My quality of life has substantially increased since their introduction, but so has the amount of time I am required to spend at the gym. Hm...To top off my list of purchased items, I HAD to buy a bag of Bugles. Really, I had to. They basically jumped into my arms screaming "EAT ME NOW!" Maybe I felt guilty for neglecting them. I mean, who has actually eaten Bugles in the past 5 years...? They are totally a food from my elementary school days. But since a childlike theme had seemingly established itself (strawberry milk, string cheese, PB&J) I gave in without a fight.

I made myself an exquisite lunch that any 3rd grader would fight me for...

Straaaaange store brand bread. Not my fav.

I did my laundry...

...Yes I took a picture. I documented my whole day okay?!
 I did my nails...a lot more fun than laundry :)
Hannah gave me glitter for Christmas...like, a LOT of glitter. 30 little bottles to be exact. I never thought I would be the recipient of such a girly? superficial? useless? present haha but I've got to say, BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER. The Michael Kors bag I got last year is an exact tie, but I feel like the bold emphasis was necessary, even if not exactly true...Even my mom was skeptical when Hannah said that she wanted to get me glitter, but for the first and probably only time in her life, her mother's intuition was wrong! I LOVE my glitter. I kept it on my desk at home and kept opening it so I could admire all the pretty colors. Lovelovelove. Hannah got me the glitter so I could do glitter nails on myself instead of having to pay like $30 bucks each time I had a hankering for them down at #1 Nails-The Sandorf family nail salon of choice. Who knows. Maybe I'll get crafty one day and actually use the glitter for its intended purpose. There is sure enough of it! 

And then....

I built a fort! A HUGE FORT!

Yes I'm 21, and yesI was doing all of this by myself, but we don't need to talk about that haha my fort is seriously incredible. It is spacious, sturdy, and it's really a master piece if we are being honest.

You can't tell exactly how roomy that thing is, but it could fit a family of 5, a small African tribe, or all my Romanian babies inside. Lauren and Daniel can both vouch for the legitimacy of this statement; they saw it up close and personal! If any of you want a tour just let me know, and I'll hook you up :) I couldn't bring myself to tear it down, so it's still standing. I spent my afternoon in there rea...

********OH MY GOSH. Everyone just give me a second to freak out. My heart is going a million miles a minute. I am just hangin out in my room...typing this...and someone just threw a snowball at my window at it scared me SOOOOO bad. Holy. Cow. Yikes...Deep breaths.*********

Aaaaaaanyway. Moving on. I spent my afternoon in the fort reading Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson.

IT IS A MUST READ. Seriously people, it is amazing. I was reading it during the football team's study hall on Wednesday, but I had to stop because I was causing a scene haha I was getting pretty emotional and sniffley, and one running back in particular kept turning around to look at me. Yea...after that and a couple of sideways glances from other players, I put it away and pulled out my infant development textbook instead. Soooo not as good.

I finished the day off by making Rice Krispie treats with Dan (no pictures were taken due to sticky marshmallow fingers) and sleeping in my fort. Dan was surprised I had never slept in a fort before, but hey...I grew up with one sister. We were too busy playing made up games like "Pig-Latin", "Barometer-The Persian White", and "Chocolate Milk Cows". There was no time to sleep in a fort when our imaginations were running wild. 

Oh to be a kid again... 

***It was Lauren who threw the snowball at my window! Never a dull moment with that girl around***


  1. Anonymous26.1.13

    Rylie, that is most awesomest fort ever in the history of the universe. i wish i could be you.

  2. Hilarious! I have an award for you over at my blog, if you would accept :) Yes, I creep on your blog because it is actually hilarious! :p